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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Part 4: Hidden NBC photos????


Anonymous said...

Andy, something you're missing in your analysis is looking at the motion in terms of a complete throw (you are looking at the throw as a tiny slice of Warner's complete motion). You seem ignorant to throwing mechanics and what his body would need to do to release the with all of the energy he's built up. His wrist hasn't even pivoted to start the release. If anything, his arm would have had to go even more back in order to turn it to throw it deep. (AKA fumble)

Andy Musser said...

Yes, his hand does not move forward relative to his elbow. However, since his entire arm was moving forward, his hand moves forward *relative to the goal-line* while moving backward *relative to his own elbow*.

The lines on the Feb. 14 post prove this.