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Monday, February 9, 2009

One post, and I'll move on in the manner that society should

A-Rod took banned substances between 2001-2003, before there was random drug testing in the MLB. You mean the richest player in the game did not want to be unfairly criticized so he tried to keep up with the rest of the MLB population? You mean he wanted to minimize the chance he'd play really really well for a team that doesn't win, and then the media would blame the player who makes the most dollars on that team? Oh, here I was thinking Glenn Robinson and Matt Geiger were better definitions of 'selfish' than a dude who never complains about anything, even though he is one of the best SSs in the game who had to move to third base for one of the worst SSs in the game.

I truly hope New York decides to boo him on Opening Day. I know he'll just laugh inside at the pure idiocy.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who is "shocked" or hurt by this - grow up. Look at what A-rod was competing with: steroid pitchers, tremendous pressure, and extremely high expectations. Hell, I would have done it too.

Anonymous said...

A-rod can be a "shame" to the game of baseball for actively doing something illegal and is not punished.

J.C. Romero loses nearly a third of his season because he was caught up in a poorly defined rule after doing nearly everything in his power to ensure what he was doing was legal.

Another excellent move by the Commish.