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Monday, February 2, 2009

Santonio Holmes violates basic rule, refs cower away in fear

There was a football game last night - you may have watched it. Santonio Holmes caught the winning touchdown pass with about 35 seconds remaining, and, in celebration, he used the ball as a 'prop' in acting out Lebron James' pregame powder-toss.

The referees in this game have absolutely no defense for not flagging Holmes 15 yards, enforced on the kickoff. The final Cardinals drive ended at about midfield. It would have been an entirely different final drive to potentially win the game had the referees properly thrown that 15-yard flag.

This rule has been consistently, and almost embarrassingly, enforced over the past few years. Asante Samuel can cross his arms in a pose and nod his head after scoring a touchdown, yet he will be flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct (see: his TD against Minnesota earlier in the playoffs). Chad Johnson picks up the pylon and hits the football like he is making a putt, and he is flagged for 15 yards.

Santonio Holmes demonstrates to all of America the living-definition of the 'ball shall not be used as a prop' rule, yet, because the refs are more comfortable calling questionable celebration penalties in the first round of the playoffs than blatant celebration penalties in the fourth round, the Pittsburgh Steelers got another huge, undeserved lift from the referees in another Super Bowl.

If it's bad to call questionable penalties at the end of a game, then it is even worse to ignore an obvious penalty at the end of a Super Bowl.


Anonymous said...

yeah, that's what we need more of, enforced celebration penalties that decide the outcome of games.

Andy Musser said...

Every penalty influences the game. I think it's a dumb rule. I think it should be eliminated, which is the purpose of this post. I am not a Cardinals fan, and I don't really care who won the Super Bowl. All I know is this is a dumb rule, and it is inconsistently enforced. Thus, it should be eliminated altogether.