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Friday, February 6, 2009

NFL admits mistake, and half of another one

As I stated on February 2nd, Santonio Holmes violated a basic rule in the Super Bowl, and the refs pretended it did not happen. Yesterday, the NFL admitted there should have been a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty on Holmes for his celebration in which he used the football as a prop.

Also, the NFL admitted there should have been an official review of the final Cardinals play from scrimmage. Yet, they also maintained Warner did indeed fumble, and the call on the field was correct. What kind of sense does that make?

They admit there should have been a review, but they say the call on the field was correct. If they TRULY believed the call on the field was correct, the NFL would have said, "It is a fumble, and the referee and replay official each acted properly throughout the entirety of the play."

I think the NFL is hedging its bets here. They know there are about eight angry Arizona fans, so they are admitting half of their mistake on the Warner play (which I broke down in the post below) without admitting their real mistake - which was allowing the Steelers to recover an incomplete pass.


Anonymous said...

It makes perfect sense, limpdick. There should have been a review since it was a controversial, important play. They can say that while also saying the officials made the right call. This is pretty simple.

Andy Musser said...
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Andy Musser said...

Settle down, anonymous-poster. You would not resort to personal insults if you didn't have an inner belief that you may be wrong. In addition, if you read the post below and understand the logic, you will realize you are wrong and that Warner did indeed move the ball forward (it would be incredible for him to be moving the ball backward, then getting hit, and then the ball moves magically forward). Again, the NFL has no reason to admit their entire mistake if they can just admit half of it and appease biased Steelers fans like you.

Anonymous said...

REwatch it..Arm is not moving forward..Arm is rotating which gives the illusion that the arm is going forward.The forward motion of the arm only starts when the ball has been dislodge.Your point is moot anyways.STEELERS won thier 6th super bowl title

Anonymous said...

Lol at stillers fans clinging to their tainted championships. Sorry you can't win one without the help of the refs.

Watch it frame by frame. The angle between Warner's forearm and upper arm is becoming smaller in the moments before the ball is touched by the defender. The ball therefore HAS to be moving forward. The Cardinals deserved another shot, 30 yards closer (due to the missed penalty on Holmes after the TD and the called one on Harrison on this play).