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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Market inefficiencies in life, baseball, and the U.S. economy

It is not news that the U.S. economy is not too hot right now. This is having a trickle-down effect on the baseball world.

Players are demanding more money (per usual), but teams do not have that much money (per the economy). Thus, when these players (Manny) don't get that money, they remain unsigned two weeks before pitchers and catchers report. You have players like Sean Casey retiring and becoming broadcasters even though Casey had a .381 (!!!!) OBP last year. Ryan Howard's OBP, for comparison's sake, was .339.

Take into account that the baseball market is already inefficient (people still think batting average is the most relevant stat), add to that with the reality that the actual market is in a recession, and you have an EXTREMELY inefficient baseball market.

If you are a GM (which you are not, if you are reading this), there are plenty of undervalued stocks (Sean Casey, Manny Ramirez) of whom to take advantage.

(Props to reader Ray for e-mailing the ESPN link. As always, shoot Mr. Graham or me an e-mail when you find something of value).

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