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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Larry Fitzgerald catches Hail Mary

Yes, I know nobody plays defense in the Pro Bowl. Yes, I know a Hail Mary against the Steelers is highly unlikely. However, had the NFL properly overturned the Warner play (see below), the Cardinals would have had 8 seconds on the clock at the 29 yard line.

Since Matt Ryan completed a 26-yard out-pattern in a span of 5 seconds on Sunday, October 12 against the Chicago Bears after which the receiver ran out of bounds, Kurt Warner could have thrown underneath in the same manner to get down the field against a secondary who would have been playing softly, so that they would not have been beaten over the top.

It really is sad the NFL messed this up on three levels: they instruct referees to call a fumble when they have no idea if it is a pass or fumble, so that the play can be reviewed; they did not review the play; and, they got the call wrong in the end.

Something tells me if the jerseys were reversed, and the hand in question were Roethlisberger's instead of Warner's, somebody other than a Phillies blog would have worked harder to properly uncover the truth.

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