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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jose Reyes, master of psychology

I just read this from and thought it was pretty funny:

Last year, some merry Phillie pranksters jokingly put Reyes' name above Victorino's locker after he hit a home run and pumped his fist.

"I heard that," Reyes said, as reported by the New York Post. "I don’t know why they said that because I’m not the only when I hit a home run that I ‘pimp’ it. A lot of people do that. A lot of people from Philadelphia too. They stand there for a couple seconds and nobody say nothing. I don’t know why the Phillies focus so much on the New York Mets. We just worry about us."

A) If Reyes truly just worried about the Mets, he wouldn't have offered a rambling explanation trying to prove why he doesn't care about the Phillies.

2) The whole recent Mets-Phillies rivalry began when Jimmy Rollins declared the 2007 Phillies the "team to beat in the NL East." He did not address any other teams besides his own. The New York media, as well as the Mets, overreacted. Again, had the Mets truly worried about themselves, they would have ignored the initial, innocent comment from Rollins in 2007.

D) The incident-in-question was Shane Victorino's grand slam off C.C. Sabathia in the NLDS. Victorino raised his right hand in the air as he rounded first base, after seeing the ball land in the seats. He then immediately dropped his hand, well before he reached second base. Jose Reyes, on the other hand, hit a home run in June against the Phillies in the sixth inning, and kept his finger in the air pretty much the entire way from first to third. This is not a natural reaction, like Victorino's, and its sole purpose was to irk the Phillies.

So, when there is a still picture of Victorino with his finger in the air, it would certainly be funny, as a teammate, to compare that to Jose Reyes' celebration. It is an obvious use of hyperbole - everyone in the Phillies clubhouse knew that Victorino's was an immediate reaction after a playoff-grand slam, while Reyes' was a poor, blatant effort at taunting after a 6th inning homer in June. Comparing the two reactions is funny to anyone who understands exaggeration. Also, I'm probably guessing it was meant as an inside joke, and not for a media member to make a story out of it.

In other news, Reyes has announced he is scaling back his choreography for the 2009 season, by dropping the team nutritionist and the left field ball girl from his handshake-routines.


Anonymous said...

I wish Reyes died.

But it's a shame that I'm not that lucky, Reyes lives on the most boring street in the United States of America, and that he has smoke detectors.

-Steve Mix

Anonymous said...

I say we feed Reyes to your tarantula.