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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chase Utley looking to return by Opening Day, amazing everyone

This article from states that Chase Utley looks to return by Opening Day from his hip injury. This is not surprising. Charlie's Manuel, after hearing his expected return was 4-6 months, predicted only days after his November surgery that Utley would indeed return for Opening Day (simply by counting December as 1, January as 2, February as 3, and March as 4).

In a separate article from the same website headlined "Can't keep a good man down", Jim Salisbury states:

"Utley is way ahead of schedule, [sic] and has shown that by ramping up his rehab pace in the last two days."

Listen, it is fantastic that Utley is a 'good man' and that his surgery is 'not keeping him down.' However, are Mr. Graham and I the only people who know that when a doctor states a range of 4-6 months of recovery, when Opening Day is over 4.5 months away, that regardless of the goodness of the man, he'll probably make it back for Opening Day? Also, does a light workout mean he's ahead of schedule?

I posted on this site months ago stating that everyone was overreacting to Utley's surgery. Remember the people who said he'd be out until June????? June is outside the range of 6 months.

I'm not claiming victory just yet, but it seems Charlie's Manuel is "way ahead of schedule."

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