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Saturday, February 7, 2009

PART 3: Case Closed


Anonymous said...

Last post, then I'll leave you guys to your phillies.

The last pic here, which looks pretty clear like the ball is coming forward- except I think this was when possession was lost, or in the least that's what the refs ruled. Therefore by the time the ball moved forward, you can see Woodley has already made contact with the ball.

and oh yeah, his name is Lamarr Woodley, not "Pitt defender". You might want to use that in any future posts about this.

Take it easy guys, and good luck with the blog.

Andy Musser said...

It is clear possession is not lost here as you can see the ball has yet to change angles. And, the refs didn't rule anything, because they assumed the play would be reviewed.

And we know his name, thanks, but it is irrelevant, and referring to him as the defender is easier for the audience to follow.

CChex said...

Case closed? This proves nothing. Warner's arm is still cocked here as 56 makes contact with the ball. It's not moving forward and if you had the next few frames you'd see the ball is loose in his hand as he's trying to make the throw.

Andy Musser said...

Yes, it comes loose in a few frames, but we've already seen here the ball goes right to left, relative to the point of the red logo on the field. Incomplete pass.