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Friday, January 9, 2009

I was looking over his shoulder......

Is it just me or is Steve Coates one of the most predictable announcers in all of Philly sports. I can almost call his upcoming statements with 70% accuracy. I called his commenting on Scott Hartnell's "being a lefty shot" after his goal tonight. Maybe that's just because I'm a huge Flyers fan. Flyers and Eagles are pretty much tied for my number 2 in Philly. I haven't ever talked about them.... I don't know why. Big win tonight after returning from a 6 game road trip.

I think it's crap that Jeff Carter is the only all-star. Mike Richards is tied for 13th in points in the NHL. Simon Gagne is tied for 18th. Kimmo Timonen is certainly one of the best defenders in the NHL. It's horseshit that the Montreal Canadiens have 4 starters (1 a very good goalie) in the All-Star game, when their top point scorer is tied for 34th in points in just the east. Is this really how the All-Star rosters should be decided? I normally don't care about this sort of thing, but Coatesy stressed how important it is to the players during Tuesday's first intermission. Something needs to be done about that.

Anyone else notice how 50% of Scott Hartnell's goals are complete trash? Gotta love it.
Oh, and when it comes to Flyers' players, I love Scottie Upshall almost as much as Pat Burrell. He's out of his mind.

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