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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bye bye Eli

The Eagles marched into Giants Stadium today and thoroughly picked apart the New Jersey Giants for the second time this season. Philadelphia is two games away from two championships in two consecutive seasons.


After Eli Manning's fluke run in the playoffs last year (completed only 12 passes against Dallas; combined a monster effort by Burress with a signature BRETTFAVRE meltdown to beat Green Bay; scored 17 points in the Super Bowl against a defense A.J. Feeley picked apart for 28), purely outrageous nonsense started to emerge from the media regarding the QB's value. ESPN ran an article claiming Eli was better than Peyton (!!!). Yes, he won a Super Bowl MVP, but that's entirely irrelevant for 3 reasons:

a) He didn't have a good game. If not for Tyree's helmet's sticky-ness and an all-time performance from the NY defense, Manning would have had 1 pick, 1 TD, and the Giants would have ended the game with 10 points scored in a loss...

2)...Scott Brosius has a World Series MVP, and...

d)...look what happens to Eli without Burress. He was a bad QB with him. Now? Woof.

Even worse than claiming Eli as a better QB than Peyton would be ESPN's Matt Mosley stating that Eli Manning is "heading the way of the Hall of Fame." Are you kidding me? Manning's best year was in 2007, and in that year, he threw 23 TDs and 20 INTs. That's dreadful, considering the Giants have had an absurd O-line, an absurd running attack, and until a few weeks ago, an absurd number 1 wide receiver. His career QB rating is 76.1. So, if he's heading the way of he HOF, like Mosley states, then he can get into the HOF with a 98:74 TD/INT ratio (Mcnabb's is over 2:1) with a QB rating of 76.1. It's laughable. To put it into perspective, Tim Couch's QB rating is 75.1.

Is the national media that dumb to base an entire career on 4 games? Seems like it.

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