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Monday, January 5, 2009

Burrell signs with Rays for less than Ibanez signed with Phils

Pat Burrell, according to, has agreed to a 2-year, 16-million dollar deal with the Tampa Bay Rays. We've been over why Burrell is a better option for the Phillies than Ibanez. More power, higher OBP, five years younger, etc. However, until now, it wasn't clear just how undervalued Burrell was in the free agent market.

Burrell was indeed the cheaper option. But, his high OBP, in addition to his power numbers and remarkably consistent SLG% over the past four years, make him the better baseball option over Ibanez as well.

The only conceivable reason for the Phils to sign Ibanez instead of Burrell would be defense. But, left field is the second-least important defensive position, so LF defense is not worth 1 more year and an additional 15 million dollars.

It's almost as if Burrell were the 37-year-old and Ibanez were the 32-year-old. I have a feeling Mr. Graham will have have something to say about this, but I know I'll be scratching my head over this one for a while.

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Scott Graham said...

Fuck the entire front office, and everything that the Phillies stand for. I don't want to hear that Burrell is a liability, because he probably has a better arm and it's not like Ibanez is fast. This is horrific. This is unbelievable.

This is almost like saying that they just don't think Burrell is good. I almost want to vomit when thinking that Burrell is cheaper than Ibanez and they still chose the worse player.

The only thing that can possibly erase this is the Phillies getting in a bidding war with the Mets over Derek Lowe.

Even then though, I will still most likely vomit.