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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why Thanksgiving tradition is garbage

After watching the Eagles beat the Giants for the second time this season, I realized just how important the extra 3 days of rest were for the Birds. Andy Reid is undefeated in his career when he has 10-14 days to prepare, and after today's game he is now 12-0 in those such games.

That got me thinking. How grossly unfair is it for the Cowboys to get a home game every Thanksgiving? Yes, they have to play one game on 3 days rest...but they don't have to travel. The other team gets short rest and travel, thus pushing the odds in the favor of Dallas. Then, Dallas has the advantage in their next game because they are playing a team that only has 7 days rest compared to Dallas' 10. Yes, it's a small advantage, but when you get that advantage every single year, it certainly adds up.

In other news, an unarmed Antonio Pierce is still chasing Brian Westbrook over the middle.

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