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Friday, December 5, 2008

Player Analysis: #56 Joe Blanton SP

Overall Season Numbers

Overall Opponent's AVG/OBP/SLG & wOBA: .271/.329/.429 & .335
-vs. RHB: .286/.355/.444 & .356
-vs. LHB: .256/.304/.414 & .313

IP: 197.7
K: 111
BB: 66
WHIP: 1.401
BB/PA: .077
K/9 IP: 5.07

Overall Career Numbers

Overall Opponent's AVG/OBP/SLG & wOBA: .271/.321/.411 & .322
-vs. RHB: .271/.323/.423 & .328
-vs. LHB: .271/.318/.398 & .316

IP: 831.3
K: 480
BB: 233
WHIP: 1.334
BB/PA: .066
K/9 IP: 5.20

Numbers with Phillies

IP: 70.7
ERA: 4.23
WHIP: 1.382

After joining the Phillies in mid July, Joe Blanton put up decent numbers as the Phillies number 4 starter. He was rarely spectacular, and the Phillies could count on him to throw a lot of pitches every fifth day, and basically be in every game. Much like the other Phillies starters, Blanton's splits, while close, are still quite baffling. Throughout his entire career, Blanton has faired slighty better against lefties than righties. As explaing before, this is quite an unusual split to possess, especially due to the fact that Blanton's main pitches are fastball, curveball, and slider. He also throws a change up which could play into his success against lefties. Blanton does not walk very many batters (BB/PA similar to Hamels), but his WHIP is still a little higher than one would like to see. Blanton has given up an absurd amount of singles in his career while only giving up 79 homeruns in 3526 PAs, whereas Hamels has given up 72 HRs in 2215 PAs and Myers 160 HRs in 4781 PAs. While Blanton gives up HRs at a much lower rate than Hamels is because Blanton had the luxury of playing in a 700 foot field (more or less) in Oakland. Hamels on the other hand can almost reach out and touch the left field wall while on the mound. One can obviously expect the number of HRs he allows to go up a pretty significant amount as long as he calls CBP his home.

Blanton's average abilities are perfectly befitting of the Phillies number 3-4 starter if that is where he remains. Obviously, I would love to see the Phillies sign Derek Lowe as Mr. Musser has recently posted, but this has a very slim chance of coming to fruition due to the fact that Lowe was offered arbitration by the Dodger's which would cause the Phillies their first round draft pick since Lowe is a Type A FA. With Blanton preferably as the Phils solid number 4 starter, people will rarely be surprised positively or negatively following a start. He eats up a lot of innings, and could be a very undervalued end of the rotation pitcher for the Phightins.

While I did not pay too much attention to the outside media during the postseason, I certainly believe Joe Blanton was not given as much credit as he deserved. As the Phils 4th starter out of 4, Blanton pitched well in each of his appearances, earning the ever fabulous W in each start, but more importantly allowing Cole Hamels to achieve the correct rest prior to the start of the League Championship Series. This was huge, allowing the Phils ace to face Derek Lowe in game one. If Hamels is forced to pitch a game 5, who knows how the LCS pans out.

Blanton played a huge part in the Phillies success this past season/ postseason, and should be thought of as at least a solid and consistent start for this team.

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