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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Player Analysis: #55 Clay Condrey RP

Overall Season Numbers

Overall Opponent's AVG/OBP/SLG & wOBA: .302/.351/.441 & .340
-vs. RHB: .288/.335/.436 & .337
-vs. LHB: .320/.370/.448 & .344

IP: 69
K: 34
BB: 19
WHIP: 1.507
BB/PA: .063
K/9 IP: 4.43

Overall Career Numbers

Overall Opponent's AVG/OBP/SLG & wOBA: .295/.358/.443 & .344
-vs. RHB: .281/.344/.426 & .334
-vs. LHB: .313/.378/.464 & .355

IP: 208.3
K: 118
BB: 73
WHIP: 1.522
BB/PA: .079
K/9 IP: 5.10

Clay Condrey mainly filled in a mop-up role this past year with the Phillies; coming in when the game seemed all but over. He also appeared in some very questionable spots like on July 20th against the Marlins. Despite the fact that the Phillies won the World Series, it still boils my blood to read recaps of games like that. Anyway, for the most part, Clay Condrey filled the important role of a guy who eats up more or less pointless innings. His ERA was solid, but WHIP much higher than one would like. He was never really the man the Phillies called on to get out of trouble. He was servicable. He filled his role pretty well.

While he filled his role well this year, I believe there are other roles he might be able to fill as well. As I mentioned briefly before, I read most of "The Book", an almost entirely statistical book that explores even the most ridiculous situations. One of the sections was about the closer, and in a nutshell, how closers and mop-up men alike have the same chance at blowing "saves" in 3 run games. Brad Lidge was misused in many instances this season, often times being overworked in nonthreatening situations, or not being used in the most efficient times (3,4,5 hitters coming up in the 8th is much more important than 6,7,8 or 7,8,9 hitters in the 9th, that is to say you still have the lead). Clay Condrey could be the perfect guy to give Lidge's arm a rest with a 3 run lead and nonthreatening players coming up in the 9th. If you can use Condrey in a tie game in extras, you most certainly can let him ATTEMPT to close out a 3 run game in the 9th. I'm not saying Condrey should become the cornerstone upon which Manuel builds his Church, but maybe try it out a little after you have Lidge throw in 267 straight games. Just a thought.

Who knows if Condrey will still be in the bullpen this upcoming year for the Phils, if he is, look for him to be used in very similar spots to this past season.

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Andy Musser said...

I don't even have to click that link to know what game you're talking about. What a disgrace. I nearly crashed my car while listening to it.