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Friday, December 19, 2008

Player Analysis: #47 Scott Eyre RP

Overall Season Numbers

Overall Opponent's AVG/OBP/SLG & wOBA: .242/.302/.432 & .279
-vs. RHB: .267/.340/.467 & .280
-vs. LHB: .220/.264/.400 & .279

IP: 25.7
K: 32
BB: 7
WHIP: 1.169
BB/PA: .066
K/9 IP: 11.2

Overall Career Numbers

Overall Opponent's AVG/OBP/SLG & wOBA: .266/.352/.429 & .333
-vs. RHB: .280/.368/.447 & .345
-vs. LHB: .242/.324/.399 & .312

IP: 619.3
K: 515
BB: 316
WHIP: 1.531
BB/PA: .115
K/9 IP: 7.48

Prior to being acquired by the Phillies in 2008, Eyre's season leaves one to wonder what the Phillies saw in him. While his season as a whole was entirely too small a sample size to derive any true value, Eyre was 36, and was released by the Cubs. In 2007, at 35, Eyre compiled a 4.13 ERA (not great for a relief pitcher) and a 1.796 WHIP through 52.3 IP. That number is astounding. 1.796 baserunners/ inning. His career WHIP is very high which is attributed to his extremely high walk to plate appearance ratio. The Phillies signed an old, below average reliever most likely because he was another left handed solution to give JC Romero some rest down the stretch. For whatever reason, Eyre's short time on the mound as a Phillie found him to be quite effective (again, sample size insufficient; probably to the benefit of the Phils).

Good news, he's coming back this year due to a $2 Million deal offered by the Phillies. Chances are that he will probably have a reversed fortune from last year. He will be 37 on May 30th, and has a history of arm problems. Hopefully his role will again be that of a left handed Clay Condrey that also acts as a spell for JC Romero; that is, if he is even on the team. I'm sure he's a fantastic human.

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