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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Player Analysis: #37 Chad Durbin RP

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Overall Season Numbers

Overall Opponent's AVG/OBP/SLG & wOBA: .254/.333/.342 & .290
-vs. RHB: .214/.284/.305 & .266
-vs. LHB: .311/.401/.394 & .322

IP: 87.7
K: 63
BB: 35
WHIP: 1.323
BB/PA: .096
K/9 IP: 6.47

Overall Career Numbers

Overall Opponent's AVG/OBP/SLG & wOBA: .283/.356/.457 & .339
-vs. RHB: .278/.351/.474 & .346
-vs. LHB: .289/.361/.440 & .330

IP: 552.7
K: 328
BB: 228
WHIP: 1.527
BB/PA: .093
K/9 IP: 5.34

For most of 2008, Chad Durbin was held in much of the same ranks (if not higher, mistakenly) as fellow reliever, Ryan Madson. There is no doubt that Durbin had the overall best year of his career this year. He was a solid reliever in the Phillies bullpen. While his strikeout numbers were pretty decent this year, he walked batters far too frequently, and gave up just a few more hits than one would like to see. The good news is that of the 80 hits he allowed, 64 of those were singles. There is no doubt in my mind (as there should be none in yours) that Durbin was definitely behind Lidge, Madson, and Romero (against lefties) in effectiveness. His numbers were solid for the role he needed to fill, and if asked to fill the same role again in 2009, there is no reason to think his numbers should stray too far from his 2008 stats. Yes, his overall numbers in his career were slightly/ to significantly worse than this year, but Durbin faced 365 batters this year which is a decent sample size.

Who knows, maybe the role he was asked to fill was slightly less important than the role he played in the Tigers organization possibly allowing him to succeed. There is also the pitcher's spot in the lineup in the NL. Maybe he's just improving with age. While he would definitely not be my number one choice in the bullpen, he was definitely at least serviceable in 2008. When taking a look at his results in situations arranged by leverage, he performed exceedingly well in low leverage situations (.238/.290/.295), followed by medium leverage (.264/.350/.341), and then high leverage situations (.264/.365/.396) all relatively close sample sizes.

Durbin should continue to be a positive in the Phillies bullpen as long as the majority of his appearances occur in the 6th or 7th innings in relatively low leverage situations. If he remains the bridge to the bridge to Lidge, all should be well.

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