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Saturday, December 13, 2008

My name is Raul Ibanez and I am a poor man's Pat Burrell

And that man is Ruben Amaro Jr.. If the Phillies lost to the Rays and the offseason played out the same exact way thus far, I would be going berserk. Mr. Graham aptly explained why this signing is no good for the Phils, so I won't bore you with OBP and age. But, if you're spending 31 million dollars for a 37-year-old dude who relies on a high average for a decent OBP (not a good combination), you require two posts at Charlie's Manuel explaining your ineptitude.

I do not believe Ruben Amaro is dumb. I do not expect him to truly believe this is an upgrade - because it's not. My theory is the Phillies have so many players eligible for arbitration, they are afraid to spend early coin without knowing their definite payroll. Understandable - but not when you are guaranteed to sell out over 90 percent of your games next year. With Utley, Howard, Rollins, Hamels, and Lidge all creeping upwards in age (and downwards in arbitration years) faster than the Mets core of Wright, Reyes, Rodriguez, and Santana, the Phillies should be more willing to risk over-paying for free agents now in order to stay atop the division before they have to considerably revamp their roster.

To quote an absurd Full House episode where D.J. (remember when she thought she was ugly and said she had Charlie Brown cheeks?) and Kimmy fall prey to a purchase-on-credit advertisement: "Buy now, pay later."

Unfortunately, with the Phillies spending for a downgrade while the Mets upgrade, it seems the Phillies are buying now and paying soon.

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