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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

F-Rod to the Mets: He will fit right in

Various sources are reporting the Mets have signed closer Francisco Rodriguez to a 3-year, 37 million-dollar deal, who was lucky enough to appear in 69 save appearances in 2008, blowing over 10 percent of them. He had a 1.288 WHIP in 2008 and a 1.248 WHIP in 2007, nothing too special for a closer. However, the Mets closer situation last year was dreadful, so a 26-year-old with a career WHIP of 1.114 who averages over 9 Ks/9 IP signing with the Mets is certainly a bad sign for the ole Phightin Phils.

Coming soon: A post on why Rodriguez's nickname is the worst in baseball, a post on why his 2008 season is among the most overrated performances of all-time, and a post on why he is the perfect Metropolitan with regards to his outrageous celebrations on the mound. We haven't had much to post lately, so it's F-Rod Week on Charlie's Manuel! Any time we can degrade the New York Mets, we gladly oblige.

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Anonymous said...

Any word on the post concerning his inability to throw a baseball without falling down?