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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving feast

You will rarely see me post about football, but I'm really furious right now. It's the end of the 3rd quarter, and there have been a bunch of awful calls against the Eagles and no calls that benefited them. Despite all of this, the Eagles look like a completely different team. They're running the ball, and running it successfully. Had Andy Reid not forfeited last week by pulling his team's star QB (elite in the NFL if you ask me) down by 3 points at halftime, the Birds could have easily come out after halftime and picked up their play to win the game. They could have been 6-4-1. Instead Reid significantly reduced their chances by playing a rookie QB, who gets few if any reps in practice, against the savage Ravens defense. Now, if all goes accordingly, up by 18, the Eagles could have been 7-4-1. It looks like they will now be 6-5-1 after their coach gave up on them last week. McNabb is ONLY 32!! He has plenty of years ahead of him with some team (preferably Eagles) given that his coach has his wits about him and can call sane plays.

Reality? Reid MUST go after this year, and the owners will probably find a way to get rid of McNabb to start fresh with a new coach and Kolb. McNabb is still completely capable of leading an NFL team to great success.

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Anonymous said...

Are you the same person who said that they would rather have Warner or Culpepper two years ago?