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Monday, November 24, 2008

Player Analysis: #51 Carlos Ruiz C

Overall Season Numbers (AVG/SLG/OBP) & wOBA- .219/.320/.300 & .281
Overall Career Numbers (AVG/SLG/OBP)& wOBA- .242/.329/.359 & .306

2008 Month by Month-
March/April: .206/.260/.265
May: .254/.343/.322
June: .178/.302/.289
July: .224/.345/.245
August: .239/.364/.348
September: .208/.317/.340

No one will ever tell you that Carlos Ruiz is a great offensive player. Ruiz plays arguably the most important defensive position (aside from pitcher), and plays it very well. Wily veteran Jamie Moyer has often been quoted saying how well Ruiz manages games. Coming from the 46 year old, that is one high compliment. Carlos Ruiz is a very sound defender in a position where defense is much more valuable and expected than offense from the player. Good hitting catchers are a rare commodity (see: Piazza). While Ruiz's offensive numbers were down from last year, there is one very positive aspect to Ruiz's game: in his career, he has walked more frequently (BB/PA) than Chase Utley. Whether he walks alot because he bats in front of the pitcher, or because he has a good eye at the plate, his OBP was very high for a player who hit .219.

Ruiz calls a much better game than Chris Coste, has a strong arm, blocks balls in the dirt well, and isn't necessarily slow for a catcher. There aren't many catchers in the league that Mr. Musser and I would prefer to have behind the plate than Ruiz. Ruiz played very well in both the NLCS and WS (both offensively and defensively) this year, and should be given more credit than he is most likely getting for this.

Next up: #35 Coles Hamels SP

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