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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Player Analysis: #50 Jamie Moyer SP

Overall Season Numbers

Overall Opponent's AVG/OBP/SLG & wOBA: .262/.326/.404 & .327
-vs. RHB: .270/.328/.406 & .330
-vs. LHB: .240/.321/.400 & .316

IP: 196.3
K: 123
BB: 62
WHIP: 1.329
BB/PA: .074
K/9 IP: 5.64

Overall Career Numbers

Overall Opponent's AVG/OBP/SLG & wOBA: .267/.321/.423
-vs. RHB: .265/.317/.420
-vs. LHB: .275/.334/.432

IP: 3746.7
K: 2248
BB: 1074
WHIP: 1.321
BB/PA: .067
K/9 IP: 5.40

Jamie Moyer played a huge role in this year's team making the World Series. Yes, he accumulated 16 wins, and as I've stated before, wins rarely tell the whole story; however, Jamie Moyer's stats this year seem to fit the mold of the wins he achieved. Moyer's career numbers against lefties aren't pretty (most likely attributed to the fact that his 2nd pitch is a changeup i.e. Cole Hamels), but this year, his numbers against lefties were slightly better than his numbers against righties, and also better in most areas than Hamels numbers against lefties. Whatever the reason, the now 46 year old still has some good stuff. While he walked batters more frequently this year, his cunning allowed him to drive both batters and runners crazy. Often remaining in the stretch for a while, and not pitching until he was absolutely ready, kept the opposition eager to make bad decisions at the plate. Moyer finished the 2008 season with a very solid 3.71 ERA as the Phillies third starter.

While it is quite obvious to people who watch Jamie pitch, velocity is clearly not his biggest weapon. Control and deception have been what Moyer has relied on for the majority of his baseball life. Umpires play a large part in Jamie's success. When umps give Jamie the corners (and often the area immediately surrounding the plate), he is often very successful. When umpires aren't so gracious, Moyer has to throw his "fast"ball and changeups in places where opposing hiters can easily make good contact. While he is famous for delivering the progression of "slow, slower, and slowest" pitches, His 82-84 mph fastball looks much faster when preceeded by a 64 mph curve or a low to mid 70s changeup.

As I'm sure many of you are aware, Jamie Moyer was also a rock for this team off the field. Being a role model in the clubhouse, Moyer no doubt played a role in helping some if not all of this team's pitchers (Hamels especially) become better throughout the course of this season. How long Moyer can retain his pitching abilities remains to be seen, and the Phillies and Moyer have yet to reach a contract agreement in this offseason. When Moyer's time here is done, I sincerely hope he remains around the club as a pitching advisor if not in a more official role. He has been around baseball for a very significant amount of time, and has a lot of significant baseball knowledge to impart on young and even veteran players.

Congratulations, Jamie Moyer, on your 22 year career finally achieving a World Series Championship.

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