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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Player Analysis: #11 Jimmy Rollins SS

Overall Season Numbers (AVG/OBP/SLG) & wOBA- .277/.349/.437 & .344
Overall Career Numbers (AVG/OBP/SLG) & wOBA- .277/.333/.441 & .347

2008 Month by Month-
March/April: .308/.341/.513 (41 PAs due to injury)
May: .298/.353/.457
June: .217/.297/.377
July: .291/.354/.476
August: .263/.338/.398
Sept/Oct: .313/.411/.458

While Rollins was named MVP in 2007 (questionably), people should not get hung up on how his numbers did not match those of last year. While Rollins' power numbers were very good for a leadoff man in 2007 (38 2Bs, 20 3Bs, 30 HRs), Rollins had a high OBP this year, with more walks, and the same amount of doubles in 160 fewer PAs. Rollins has decent power for a small guy, but should not be relied on as someone in the Phillies lineup to hit home runs. When he is a leadoff man, his getting on base before the Phils' traditional power hitters should be a stronger point. Also, if one removes last year's numbers from his career statistics, this year's numbers would be better than his career average. Rollins also recorded 47 SBs in 50 tries (94% success rate) in 2008 which is flat out insane. With Davy Lopes coaching first and helping Rollins, J-Roll was pretty much a sure bet everytime he took off this season.

Rollins is getting older, so he doesn't have alot of good years ahead of him. However, his defense still is very good in one of the hardest defensive positions. Rollins recorded his second consecutive gold glove this year, and was day in and day out one of the most consistent shortstops with great range.

While Rollins is fast, and has been the leadoff man for this team in years past, I like to think that the leadoff man should get on base more frequently than Rollins does. The priority should be to set up the power hitters with men on base. With this in mind, Victorino or Werth (who walks alot) would most likely be a better leadoff hitter than Rollins. As I stated in Victorino's player analysis, Rollins has better power than Victorino and thus would make a better 5 or 6 hitter to help clear the bases after Utley and Howard.

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