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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Phillies acknowledge they won the World Series with a 24-man roster

The Phillies have announced they are declining the 2009 options on So Taguchi and Tom Gordon. No surprises here. But, has there ever been a more useless player on a championship team than So Taguchi? He was absolutely awful this year, and he was active the entire time. The Phils literally won the World Series with a 24-man roster.

So Taguchi: the first player from the 2008 World Championship Phillies to depart.


Anonymous said...

So Taguchi shouldn't even get a ring. That guy didn't do anything all year.

Even Adam Eaton had a few decent starts for about a month.

Scott Graham said...

So Taguchi bowed to me yesterday. I fully support his receiving a World Series ring