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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another reason why ESPN sucks

Since the season is over, we are obviously going to have to broaden our horizons on this blog. For six months out of the year, Charlie Manuel provides us with enough material to keep this site active. For the other six months, we'll resort to criticizing other people in the sports world. Such as...................Michael Wilbon!

The hour between 5pm and 6pm on ESPN is outrageous. For rational minded people, Around the Horn and PTI provide you with plenty of reasons to throw your television out the window. Here's one:

The Colts played the Pats on Sunday night. The Colts won 18-15. Pats receiver Jabbar Gaffney dropped a wide-open, potential TD pass. Belichick burned a couple timeouts and it came back to haunt the Pats when they were driving down the field to tie the game or take the lead. Any other details are irrelevant. Anyway, on PTI yesterday, the question posed to Michael Wilbon was this: "Did Belichick cost the Patriots the game?" Seems like a fair enough question, considering Belichick burned a couple timeouts and lost a challenge in the second half, right? Wilbon disagreed:

"How can you blame the coach when one of his receivers dropped a WIDE OPEN TOUCHDOWN PASS??? How can you blame the coach when one of his players committed a costly personal foul on the Pats potential go-ahead drive??? Belichick didn't drop that ball. If you're going to blame someone, blame Gaffney."

Folks, this type of lazy, easy-way-out, first-grade thought process is exactly why this site exists. For years, I have seen Manuel make awful managerial decisions, only to read the newspapers and listen to the radio the next day and reading/hearing: "You can't blame Manuel! If Romero strikes out Chipper Jones, Manuel's a genius. But Romero failed. Blame the player, not the manager." The Wilbon quote represents an entire sports media's tendency to absolutely refuse to blame a coach, as long as it's easier to blame a player. It's not easy to prove why a coach messed up. It's easy to point out a player's mistake.

Obviously Jabbar Gaffney is to blame for the Pats loss. But does that mean Belichick is entirely free of all blame? Not once did Wilbon mention or analyze Belichick's decisions. It makes me question whether or not he watched the game. He probably just watched a 2-minute highlight and saw Gaffney's gaffe (zing!).

I can't wait until I'm a head coach in the NFL. If one of my receivers drops an easy TD pass in the first quarter, I'm going to insert my placekicker to play QB for the rest of the game. In my press conference, I will blame my receiver for the loss, and Michael Wilbon will understand.


Anonymous said...

Very humorous, you're getting very good at this, Mr. Mr. Musser would be proud.

Scott Graham said...

Cheer Mr. Mr. Musser