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Thursday, October 23, 2008

World Series Game 1: Phils pull out win despite Manuel's sleeping on the bench (1-0)

They couldn't just tack on a few more runs along the way could they? Jeez. Had the offense actually performed a little bit better with men on, Musser's prediction would be right on (4-2). I'm okay with Manuel's lineup although I share the same concern as Musser. I did have a few rather significant problems with in game decisions however.

Top of the 2nd, bases loaded, 1 out. Rollins swings at a bad pitch, and hits a very shallow fly ball to center field. Steve Smith sends Victorino from third, and he is promptly thrown out at home. To steal a joke from my dear friend Mr. M, "Everyone look out, Steve Smith is directing traffic on Broad Street." Guy is a lunatic. There are 3 huge problems with sending Victorino whether or not he is safe at home:

1. The ball was literally no more than 75 feet into the outfield. Doug Glanville could have thrown out Victorino.
2. Kazmir had been struggling. To that point, the Rays' starter had walked three men. So there is a good chance Kazmir would stuggle against Jayson Werth who...
3. ...absolutely kills lefties. Werth is ridiculous against southpaws. You have the middle of the lineup coming up with the bases loaded. Don't run into outs.

Following this, Burrell was removed from the game after his at-bat in the 7th for Eric Bruntlett. Burrell wasn't having the best game at the plate, so it's not that huge of a deal, but that still seems a little early. With this in mind, Bruntlett came up to bat with runners on 1st and 2nd in the 9th up by 1 (no doubt a huge spot). Prior to the start of Bruntlett's at-bat, Dan Wheeler (a righty) was brought in. At this time, I'm not positive but, (note: a blatant lie follows, but might as well be true) the camera pans to the Phils dugout where manager Charlie Manuel is asleep on the dugout bench. Why let Bruntlett face a righty? Why even have Greg Dobbs if you're not going to use him against a righty, in such a huge situation? Bruntlett, while acceptable against lefties, isn't so great vs. righties. Bruntlett pops out, end of inning.

Despite futility at the plate with men on, the Phils pull out a huge win behind Hamels' gem. I can't believe this is happening. Phils are up, on the road, 1-0.

P.S. I have to mention this because I anticipated the ignorant statement. After Crawford's home run, the replay runs a few times. This is followed by Tim McCarver mentioning how this was the "first curveball Hamels had thrown all night." Ok, I'll let it slide once, but he mentioned it at least one more time in the inning. It wasn't true. Seconds before McCarver first said this, I sensed it coming and said, "no Tim, Hamels started Crawford off his last at bat with the curveball." Crawford had showed bunt and pulled back in the 2nd inning when the curve bounced in the dirt. Had he remembered the curveball as the first pitch of Crawford's first at-bat, McCarver may have been able to muster a good comment such as, "Golly gee, it makes you wonder. Crawford having noticed he was the only one to see a curveball once through the lineup, maybe he was waiting on another first pitch curve since it did not achieve its desired effect in the 2nd." Should I expect this much from these announcers? Definitely not.


Andy Musser said...

Doug Glanville is a skinny man.

Anonymous said...

douggy G the only defensive replacement to ever turn a no-hitter into a no-decission.