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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When the game resumes...

After much deliberation, Mr. Musser and I have come to an agreement as to how the rest of the game should ideally play out. The 6-7-8 hitters are due up. They are S-R-R. Mr. Musser has pointed out that the Rays will not pinch hit for Navarro or Bartlett. Even though these are the 6-7-8 hitters, we still believe Ryan Madson should pitch to these batters. It's a 2-2 game in a World Series clinching game. You can't afford to throw Durbin, or Happ, or Eyre, unless it's very necessary. They should not see the light of day except for rare circumstances. If Madson does retire 6-7-8 in order, or perhaps allows 1 person to reach base, he could conceivably come out to start the 8th. Also, the Rays have a good pinch hitter in Cliff Floyd [EDIT: Eric Hinske], who is followed by Akinori Iwamura (L), and Carl Crawford (L). So, you then throw Romero in the 8th against the two lefties. If however, Romero were to be in the game when BJ Upton's spot was due up, then Manuel could go to Lidge. He should then stay with Lidge as long as he can go, and figure it out from there.

A lot of people have been proposing to let Myers pitch the 7th, or Happ, or Durbin. Myers is an absolute no. If he pitches whenever the hell the game resumes, he would then probably be rendered "unavailable" for game 6. I would really rather not see Happ or Durbin in this stage of the game if at all possible, which it is.

Current mood: Depression (at the realization that we're probably going to lose the World Series bottom of the 9th, game 7 up 6-3 with the bases loaded, 0-2 count, 2 outs. Lidge on the mound, and Jason Bartlett at the plate. Grandslam. Death.)


Anonymous said...

They don't have cliff Floyd available, they replaced him with Eric Hinske

Andy Musser said...

Thank you sir