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Monday, October 20, 2008

Quick thought

Here's why we never mention "clutch stats" or "pressure situations" on this blog: I have been reading about the Rays the past couple days and the general consensus is that "they are too young to feel pressure" and "they don't know they're not supposed to be here," so they will be able to perform without any pressure. What does that even mean? These are grown men who have been playing baseball their entire lives, and every single one of them is clearly talented enough to not only get paid to play baseball, but to get paid to play the highest level of baseball. If anything, these guys (on both teams) faced more pressure in low-A ball when they were playing for 200 dollars a week just trying to make a decent living and work their way up. Furthermore, let's say the Red Sox defeated the Rays. The general consensus would be that the Sox are "veteran-laden" and "too experienced to succumb to pressure." The media so blatantly over-hypes the importance pressure to prove whatever point they want to make. Young teams usually don't win because young teams have young players, and young players aren't in their prime yet. It has nothing to do with how they deal with pressure. The Rays' young players are simply more talented than most young players: they have been so bad for so long that they have stocked up on high draft picks, while making cunning trades with the Mets, Twins, etc. at the same time.

Just remember this post when Tim McCarver opens his mouth Wednesday evening and spits out some version of the above nonsense, and you will be better off.

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