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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Unlike GM Pat Gillick, who refused to publicly DESTROY Bud Selig for allowing the top of the 6th to occur, Charlie Manuel refused to speak to the media after game 5, volume I. It is a violation of league rules for a manager to skip his postgame press conference, and Manuel will be fined. My question is this: if the commissioner can randomly change the rules about rain-shortened games in the middle of game five of the World Series, why can't Manuel change the rules of postgame press conferences?

Manuel was livid after the game, and instead of ripping the commissioner and the umpires after the game, he decided to save himself the trouble and skip it altogether. I would have preferred Charlie to punch Selig in the neck and spit in his eye on national TV, but at least he didn't pull a Gillick and fellate Selig's decision to let the World Series occur in a lake.


Anonymous said...

technically the game is not over, im pretty sure mid-game press conferences are optional. theyll probably fine charlie anyway though

Scott Graham said...

That's a good point. He shouldn't have to speak mid-game. It's almost as ludicrous as interviewing coaches between innings. Stupid.