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Saturday, October 4, 2008

NLDS Game 3: Worst game ever (2-1)

Everything was backwards tonight, both coaches defying simple logic, going against the odds.

Moyer was off tonight. Phils down 2-0 after the 4th. Stairs pinch hits for Moyer in the 5th. Now this is playoffs baseball people, and every run is precious. The Phils are down just 2 runs, and Manuel brings in the Phillies worst reliever, Clay Condrey to face the top of the Brewers lineup, which ended up being most of the Brewers lineup. The scores becomes 3-0. Now people might try to argue he wanted to use a long man. Durbin and Madson are both capable of going multiple innings. Manuel then uses Durbin in the 6th to face the bottom of the Brewers lineup. Something isn't right here. While Durbin is in, the Brewers are threatening with Prince Fielder coming up to the plate. Absolutely it is time for a pitching change. Brewers best left handed hitter? Obviously time for Romero to come in and shut him down. Not Eyre. Fielder has had to have seen Eyre alot considering he used to pitch with the Cubs. Eyre gets out of it, still not the best scenario. Eyre is then allowed to start the next inning, against a random assortment of lefties and righties. With two outs, Madson is brought in. Upon his arrival, one of the announcers in the booth (not Smoltz) asks, "why not use Madson from the start of the inning?" Apparently, this man is the smartest person in the building, because it should have been obvious that Madson is the Phillies best realistic option at that point, and he was brought in a few batters too late.

Sveum also had some questionable decisions tonight. Top 8th, Utley up with a man on, and he doesn't bring in the lefty that was warming up. Then he let's a righty pitch to Howard, Dobbs, and Victorino (all of whom reached base).

In summary: Manuel used these relievers (in rank order) tonight: 7th (worst), 4th, 5th, 2nd. The 2nd best option wasn't brought in until too late. This is simply unacceptable. If people are going to give Manuel credit for Victorino, something totally out of his control, how can the same people not blame him for blatantly using the pitchers incorrectly?

Oh yeah, he also double switched Burrell out in the 6th

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Andy Musser said...

what kind of name is sveum anyway? this guys a bufoon.