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Thursday, October 2, 2008

NLDS Game 2: Exactly how Romero should be used (2-0)

Before anyone gets carried away with Manuel's moving Victory-yes to the 2 spot in the lineup, I would like to input my opinion. People should have been completely indifferent to this particular move before the game started. Statistically, Werth absolutely demolishes lefties. He goes ballistic against them. Mr. Musser told me earlier that Werth averaged fewer than 10 ABs per homerun against lefties this year. While I would normally be outraged at dropping Werth to 6th against a lefty, he has been struggling over the last 2 weeks, so it was understandable. Whether Victorino hit a grandslam or went 0-for-4, this does not change the value of the lineup switch. It was a break even move, and Werth went on to also double twice.

In game, Charlie did everything correct managerially. Myers went 7 innings, and Manuel brought in Madson who allowed two runners (one on a rare error by Jimmy Rollins) to reach base with 2 outs, and Prince Fielder due up. Manuel brought in Romero, the epitome of the reason JCR is a major league baseball player. Naturally, Romero retired Fielder (note: this move would have been quality regardless of the outcome), and the Phillies escaped the threat. Lidge came in to close out the ninth, and the Phillies win. Again, I am indifferent to this move. Yes, Lidge threw alot of pitches in yesterday's game, but the Phils have a day off tomorrow, and he had 3 days off prior to yesrterday.

There is still one thing I believe is truly important for the rest of this season. When facing teams with killer left-handed pitchers (Sabathia, Shouse, etc.) I believe it is imperative to split Utley and Howard up. Righties were absolutely killing Sabathia tonight, while Utley and Howard (the two best hitters on the team) couldn't get anything going (no thanks to the umps). This could come into play in the late innings where teams would have to waste multiple pitchers, or let Werth face a lefty or Howard or Utley a righty.

Phils up 2-0. Shout out to Brett Myers having insane plate discipline in multiple PAs tonight. Way to hang baby.

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