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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NLDS Game 1: Hamels shows why he's still underrated (1-0)

As I expected, Cole Hamels shut down the right-handed Brewers lineup, allowing only 2 hits over 8 shutout innings. Big win for the Phils.

I do not hate Manuel's decision to have Brad Lidge start the 9th as much as I normally would with a 3-run victory. I probably would have let Hamels start the inning, and bring in Lidge in case Hamels saw any trouble. The reason why Lidge's use in this game isn't awful is the abundance of off days. Lidge was pitching today on 3 full days rest, and there are 2 more off days in the next five days.

The one problem I had with the manager tonight was failing to pinch hit for Pedro Feliz, with two men in scoring position, with two outs, angainst a right-handed pitcher in the bottom of the 8th inning. Feliz has a terrible OBP against RHP this year, a measly .279. With two men on and a righty on the mound, any other matchup here is favorable. Greg Dobbs and Matt Stairs were both available to pinch hit, leaving the option of inserting So Taguchi into left and moving Eric Bruntlett to third base to compensate for Feliz' defensive absence. They would have had a much greater chance of knocking in those two runs. Had the Brewers scored 3 in the ninth, this would have been a fatal mistake.

Overall, not too bad by Charlie. I would like to see Jayson Werth in the 3-hole, however, simply to break up the lefties (Utley and Howard saw multiple lefties today).

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