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Monday, October 27, 2008

God, Commissioner see Phils about to win World Series, do their best to stop it

The Phils were leading game five by a score of 2-1 after 5 innings. The weather conditions were absolutely horrific in the bottom of the 5th, and they became god-awful after the 5th. Commissioner Allan H. Selig is in attendance, and he knew, after the 5th inning, that the rain-storm was not going to stop until almost noon tomorrow. So, the commissioner and crew chief Tim Welke were faced with two options: they could either stop the game immediately, which they certainly would have done in a normal regular season game; or, they could let Hamels pitch in Hurricane Andrew to the top of the Rays order hoping that they would tie the game. You think it's preposterous that the commissioner wanted the Rays to tie the game? It's certainly not. Here's why:

If they decided to put the tarp on the field after the 5th inning, which was clearly the correct choice given the ocean-like infield, 20-mph winds, and heavy rain, Bud Selig would be faced with two equally unenviable choices: either end the game, rewarding the Phils with a retroactive World Championship; or, wait an incredible amount of time to continue this game.

However, if the Rays just score one more run, the commissioner would be faced with a very easy decision: either suspend the game, or wait an incredible amount of time to continue this game.

It's absolutely obscene that the commissioner wimped out and allowed the most important baseball game of the year to be played in a hurricane just so Selig wouldn't have to end the game a couple innings early. Yes, it sucks for the Rays if the game is ended after 5 innings. However, THAT IS PART OF THE GAME. IF YOU CAN LOSE A GAME LIKE THAT IN MAY, YOU CAN LOSE A WORLD SERIES GAME LIKE THAT.

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