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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Giving Charlie the benefit of the doubt

Pedro Feliz is starting at third base tonight, despite this blog's calling for otherwise. A small setback for Charlie's Manuel.

However, I'm not going to completely criticize Manuel on this decision. Manuel must not want to bench Feliz for the first two games, since Feliz is "the starter." Personally, I think Dobbs should start the first two (or maybe even three) games, simply because Feliz is awful against righties. But, Manuel is a "players' manager," so he doesn't want to disrupt the clubhouse by benching a starter. Whatever. Hopefully, Manuel looked at the two LA starters, Lowe and Billingsley, and recognized that Feliz will perform better against Lowe (a righty with a tailing 2-seamer), while Dobbs would hit Billingsley (.381 OBP-against vs. LHB).

Anyway, enough bullshit. Go Phils.

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