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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dobbs to DH

This is what I was afraid of. Greg Dobbs will DH tonight while Pedro Feliz plays third. I didn't disagree with Manuel's choice of Chris Coste last night, but I thought Coste should have played first and Howard should've DH'ed. Whatever. Tonight's decision is worse.

Hey Charlie! Why isn't Matt Stairs the DH tonight while Dobbs plays third? Feliz sucks against righties. Oh, you have something to say?

"I thought about playing Dobbs at third base and DH-ing Matt (Stairs)," Charlie Manuel said. "Matt is 3 for 11 off this guy this year and has hit a home run."

You're not helping yourself with that line.

"He's 3 for 20 in his career. But then I thought about the field. I thought about my defense. I thought about the fact that Feliz did play last night. I know Dobbs hasn't played on turf for more than two years. I wanted Feliz playing third base."

Number of games Feliz has played on artificial turf since 2005: Zero. Here are Pedro Feliz's and Matt Stairs' season numbers vs. right-handed pitching (AVG/OBP/SLG):

Feliz: .231/.279/.357
Stairs: .254/.349/.413

That's a huge difference. As I stated a couple days ago, there is not a huge difference defensively between Dobbs and Feliz. Feliz is certainly better - but the difference between Stairs and Feliz offensively is greater than the difference between Feliz and Dobbs defensively. Then, factor in that defense is (generously) about an eighth as important as offense in this beautiful game, I'd say Charlie has made a poor decision.

NOTE: When Feliz hits four homers and turns two triple plays, think of me.

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