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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Congrats, Charles Jr.

We love to criticize Charlie Manuel on this blog, because, frankly, he makes many strategic mistakes. However, as we've seen, he frequently out-manages other managers (Tony La Russa, Jerry Fanuel, Ned Yost, Dale Svuem, Dusty Baker - I can't believe he's still a manager - and even the second coming of Christ in Joe Torre). I guess, the point is, Manuel is not a good strategist (which is why we are here), but, relative to the other 29 managers, he's actually not too bad. As a result, we never openly call for his firing on this blog. This site is not named FIRE CHARLIE MANUEL. We certainly believe there is a human element to the game, and we know Manuel understands that way better than any of us. I mean, for Christ's sake, these guys are on the road constantly, playing a 162-game schedule with one off day a week (if they're lucky). Hell, I only have to roll out of bed 4 times a week and I can barely do that. I can only imagine what it takes to keep a team of 25 grown men entirely focused over a grueling 8-month schedule. Manuel is a fantastic players' manager.

We're big on statistics here - because that's the only way to objectively measure a manager. There are no statistics, however, regarding the mental makeup of a team and their individual players. But if there were, there's no way Charlie Manuel's Phillies are not at the top of that list.

On that note, however, please don't screw up the World Series.

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Anonymous said...

maybe next year he won't fuck up the all star game