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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bad News Beimel

The Dodgers will have two left-handed relievers for this series, because righty Takashi Saito was dropped from the playoff roster to make room for Hong-Chih Kuo, a lefty. Since Manuel's lineup tonight features Utley in the 3-hole and Howard 4th, I expect them to bat back-to-back for the majority of the series. By doing that, Manuel essentially gives Joe Torre a layup when it comes to managing the L.A. bullpen. If an L.A. starter struggles, Torre can use Kuo to face Utley and Howard in the 5th or 6th, and then use lefty Joe Beimel to face them again when they come up again. It's bad enough when managers bring in a lefty to face Utley and Howard without having to face Werth or Burrell. Now, Torre can do it twice. Look for Torre to use his lefties correctly in this series, while Manuel lets Romero and/or Eyre face way too many righties.

76 minutes until first pitch. I'd say that's a good sign.

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