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Friday, September 26, 2008

Pre-game muse

There will be no fun to be had on this site if the Phillies miss the playoffs due to Charlie Manuel. I've enjoyed picking apart even his most miniscule decisions throughout the season (while most of my fun has come with the detriment of the team I love), but if the Phils miss the playoffs due to a managerial decision, there should be hell to pay. Whether Romero gives up runs against righties, Lidge is used unnecessary tonight or Saturday(whether permitting) and he can't be used at a later date, or taking Burrell out at an inopportune time, there is no reason the Phillies should not make the playoffs at this point.

I'm not saying that the Phillies can't lose due to their own abilities (lack of hitting or correct pitching decisions not panning out etc.). This would be bad, but Manuel can't control this so in these cases it would not be his fault.

Bottom line. The Phillies better make the playoffs.

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