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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On Burrell

Pat Burrell has clearly been struggling over the past month, posting an awful .256 OBP since August 6. Recently, Matt Stairs has gotten starts against right-handed pitchers. He started last night against a righty, and may start tonight and/or tomorrow against scheduled starters Chris Volstad and Ricky Nolasco, both righties. If Manuel is planning on giving Stairs and Burrell one start each, let's hope he chooses Burrell tonight. Pat the Bat owns a .392 OBP against groundball pitchers, and Volstad is the quintessential groundball pitcher with a GO/FO ratio of over 2 (a ratio of over 1.08 defines groundball pitcher, below .83 defines a flyball pitcher). Nolasco is a neutral pitcher since his ratio falls between the above numbers.

Stairs' splits are about equal against both groundball and flyball pitchers, and, since both Volstad and Nolasco are righties, it's not a huge deal which one he faces. But Burrell should benefit more from facing Volstad tonight. Hopefully we see The Bat in the lineup tonight. And, if he's not, then he logically shouldn't be in there tomorrow.

Let's go Reds, Nats, Pirates.

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