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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ned is the worst Yost I know

And I know some Yosts. If we point out Manuel's bad decisions, we might as well point out Ned Yost's too. Seriously, what is the Brewers' manager thinking?

In today's game, Jayson Werth was on second in a tie game in the 8th inning. Brian Shouse, a lefty, was on the mound. There was one out with Ryan Howard at the plate. Yes, I know Howard has been hot lately, but he sucks against lefties. Even with his recent surge, his OBP against lefties is an awful .285. Shouse shuts lefties down. He just does. Lefties have a .184 (!!!) OBP against Shouse. That's why it wasn't a bad decision for Chase Utley to lay a bunt down off him with Werth on base to try to catch the defense off guard. It wasn't the best situation for a sacrafice, but it wasn't exactly a gift-wrapped out. Anyway, you have a guy who shuts lefties down pitching to a guy who can't hit lefties, and Ned Yost decided to walk Ryan Howard.

Using the run frequency chart, walking Ryan Howard was not a bad decision in an isolated sense. The chances the Brewers remain unscathed in the inning only decrease by 2 percent, from 59 to 57, when you put a man on first with a runner already on second and one out. Plus, those numbers don't account for the next batter Pat Burrell (who literally runs with a piano on his back) and his affinity for double plays.

Anyway, the fact it was lefty-lefty on Howard makes the move questionable. What makes the move absolutely indefensible, however, is the fact that Yost allowed Shouse to pitch to Burrell. We know Burrell loves lefties, and Shouse allows righties. to reach at a .353 clip, compared to .184 (!!!!!!!!!!) against lefties. Eric Gagne was in the bullpen, and I'm sure the Brewers have at least one other righty in the pen with better numbers against righties than Shouse. It's insanity, really. Burrell knocked an RBI single and the Phils never lost a lead. Oh, and Victorino, batting righty against Shouse, popped a 3-run homer. Even then, Yost left him in. Only after Feliz knocked a base hit off Shouse was Yost ready to make a change. The man pitched to three righties, and retired as many as I did today. Ned Yost, thank you for today's victory.

Seriously, how can managers be this inefficient and get away with it? Manuel does it all the time with J.C. Romero, and clearly Yost does it with Shouse. The lesson? When you spit in the face of statistical evidence, a Hawaiian will hit a 3-run homer off you.

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