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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

If Kendrick continues to struggle, here's an idea

Let's assume that Kyle Kendrick and his 1.58 WHIP continue to kill the Phillies. Let's also assume that the Phils juggle the rotation properly so that his final start would come on September 20th in Miami against Florida.

Kendrick will get 2 more starts before then to straighten himself out. Assuming he doesn't, it would be irresponsible to let a ground-ball pitcher face a fly-ball Marlins team. Now, Manuel can really use Kendrick's general awfulness against lefties to the Phils' advantage here. If Kendrick is scheduled to start, Marlins' manager Fredi Gonzalez will put as many lefties into his starting lineup that day as possible. So, here's what you do: You tell Kendrick beforehand that he's only going to face one batter: Hanley Ramirez, the Marlins leadoff hitter. Kendrick has good numbers against righties, so you can allow him to pitch to Ramirez to start the bottom of the first. Once the game starts in the top of the first, J.A. Happ will be warming up in the bullpen to face the Marlins number 2 hitter, possibly Luis Gonzalez, who has been batting 2nd recently against right-handers. After Kendrick faces Ramirez, you bring Happ into the game, and let him pitch against a lineup full of lefties just as if he were the starting pitcher.

Odds of this happening: 1 in 320 billion. But it's better than letting Kendrick face a lineup full of lefties, or announcing Happ before the game and letting him face a lineup full of righties. If Manuel did this, I would probably shit my pants. Shit of joy, though.

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Scott Graham said...

A little antsy in your pantsies are you? That would be hilarious to see.