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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Game 161: Phils clinch NL East (91-70)

That was all sorts of crazy. Put this one in the win column for the Phightin' Phils!

Yes, amid all the celebration, I still have something to critique. Manuel definitely pulled Burrell out of the game at a terrible time, or at least he did it terribly. He inserted Bruntlett in LF in the top of the 8th, knowing that he would bat 2nd the next inning. If you really feel the need to remove Burrell, why not at least double switch and put the pitcher in that lineup spot.

Also, who was calling the pitches in the 9th inning? Letting Lidge walk a batter on three straight sliders is ridiculous. Also there were certain counts where he could have definitely caught the batters off guard with a fastball. Pretty much all sliders were thrown. You can't throw a slider for a ball to make the count 2-2, and then throw a fastball. I knew the fastball was coming 2-2 to Guzman, and he certainly knew. Why not try to sneak a fastball by him 1-2 when he knows Lidge throws 80% (not exact) of his sliders in the dirt for balls.

Yes, I know we won. I am very happy, but this is my job. Sorry people.

P.S. Let's go Brew Crew?

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