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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Game 158: Charlie Manuel is not a good manager (89-69)

In the bottom of the 7th inning, the Phillies trailed by a run with Jimmy Rollins at the plate with nobody on base and 2 outs. The pitcher was lefty Will Ohman, who struggled to throw strikes against both Carlos Ruiz and Chris Coste, but retired them nonetheless. Ohman fell behind Rollins 3-0. At this point, I was watching the game thinking, "Wow, there's a real good chance one of the next two pitches is a ball since he's struggling to find the zone. Then they'll get the tying run on base for Utley." Unfortunately, Charlie Manuel had a different idea. He decided to give Rollins a 3-0 green light with nobody on base in a game where they trailed by a run. Unbelievable. Rollins, whose batting average is less than .500, automatically decreases his chances of reaching base by swinging at the 3-0 pitch. Yes, there is a chance he homers on a fastball down the middle to tie the game, but Rollins only has 3 homers in 167 PAs vs. lefties this year. So, Manuel decided to forego Rollins' .747 career OBP after a 3-0 count, and instead chase the 2 percent chance Rollins ties the game with one swing of the bat. Guess what happened? Rollins flied out to end the inning on a 3-0 pitch that looked to be ball four. Ladies and gentleman, this is the manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, an organization valued at over 500 million dollars.

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