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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Game 152: Dare we say it? A perfect game for Charlie (85-67)

Since we started this blog, I don't think we've ever had a game where Charlie Manuel made zero mistakes. However, he managed (pun) to do so tonight.

Primarily, he started Happ instead of Kyle Kendrick. A little late, but a good decision nonetheless.

There are no problems with the starting lineup - Manuel even broke up Chase Utley and Ryan Howard by putting Jayson Werth in the 3-hole.

Manuel removed Happ from the game after 6 shutout innings and 86 pitches thrown. Although Happ could have pitched another inning, there's no evidence that this was an incorrect decision (Happ did have several hard-hit outs throughout the game).

He called on Chad Durbin to pitch the 7th inning in a 4-0 game. Yes, Durbin wasn't a necessity in this situation, but he only threw 6 pitches in yesterday's game and has struggled. A good outing in a relatively safe situation is good for his confidence.

There was a minor threat in the 8th inning with Brian McCann at the plate with two outs, so Charlie called on J.C. Romero to retire the lefty. Romero pitched to one batter in the entire game. He didn't pitch to any righties at all. Good to see.

And, to cap it all off, Manuel did not panic when Clay Condrey allowed a run in the 9th inning that cut the lead to 6-1. He allowed Condrey to pitch the entire ninth inning, thus saving Brad Lidge's arm. If Manuel can trust Condrey in a 5-run game, why not in a 4-run game? Anyway, Lidge received a much-needed rest after yesterday's adventure.

Well done, Charlie. Keep it up.

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