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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Game 149: Using a shotgun to kill an ant, part two (82-67)

When your team is up by four runs with 1 out in the 9th inning and nobody on base, there is a 1.2% chance of losing the lead. That's a 1.2 percent chance of losing the lead, not the game. There's roughly a 0.8 percent chance of losing the game. I would make a joke about 99 percent effectiveness and Charlie Manuel's private life, but we have readers both young and old. Anyway, a 99.2 chance of winning is not enough for Manuel. Even though Brad Lidge threw 15 pitches last night (also in a 4-run game), and even though there is a game later tonight, Manuel trotted him back out there today after Scott Eyre recorded the first out of the ninth inning. Absolutely indefensible. I know Lidge threw only 7 pitches, but Charlie doesn't know that when he makes the move. If Lidge struggles tonight, maybe it won't be a direct result of his overuse, but it could certainly prove to be a contributing factor.

Also, Ryan madson pitched to two righties in the top of the 8th inning, retiring both. Ray Durham was the third batter of the inning, also right-handed, but Manuel removed Madson and used lefty Eyre to pitch to Durham. Eyre retired him in the 8th and lefty Prince Fielder in the 9th, but I have no idea why Eyre pitched to Durham when Madson was already in the game. Durham has normal splits, batting considerably better against lefties. Either Madson is hurt, or the Phillies have an outrageously bad manager. Or both.

Are the Brewers seriously not going to pitch C.C. Sabathia tonight on 3 days rest, even though they'll pitch him in the 9th inning, winning by 7 runs, when he's 120 pitches deep? If not, then the Phils don't have the worst manager. And I'm not kidding.

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