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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Game 148: Using a shotgun to kill an ant (81-67)

Why can Brad Lidge pitch in a 4 or 5 run game in the ninth inning, but he's never an option in a high-leverage situation in the 8th inning (see Thursday's Brewers game)???

Lidge finished today's game and threw 15 unnecessary pitches even though the score was 7-3 entering the ninth. There is a doubleheader tomorrow, which means there is a potential that Lidge will pitch 3 times in 27 hours. That is asking alot of anybody, let alone someone who throws 95 miles per hour. The odds that the Brewers tie the game entering the ninth is 2.9%. Apparently, a 97% guarantee of victory is not enough for Manuel. According to Brad Lidge's gamelogs, he has pitched in back-to-back games 23 times this year, out of 148 games. That's 15.5%. So, the Phillies are 5 times more likely to need Lidge tomorrow twice than the Brewers had a chance of scoring 4 in the ninth. Five times. If Lidge is unavailable for tomorrow's night-cap, or struggles in either game tomorrow due to fatigue and overuse, the blame falls squarely on Manuel's shoulders.

Shockingly, Manuel made more than one mistake today. After removing Chad Durbin in the 8th inning with a 7-3 lead, 2 outs, and one man on, Manuel called on J.C. Romero to record the final out of the 8th. I'm sure you're thinking that a lefty was due up, right? No, Bill Hall, a righty, was the batter. Absolutely incredible. There are zero pitchers in the bullpen who fail more against righties than Romero (.443 OBP against!). Romero walked a right-handed pinch hitter for Hall, but then retired righty Jason Kendall on a fly ball to the warning track (nearly a three-run homer). Manuel is a joke. If that ball goes 10 feet farther, the game is in shambles.

Once again, the Phillies win despite the manager.

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Anonymous said...

it is getting kind of rediculous, durbin romero (against two righties!!) and lidge in a game we had locked up. charlie is pressing to insure wins and i honestly think he forgets he now has a 40 man roster. also his great quote from the suicide squeeze night "i thought it was about time i start being a national league manager" yea nows probably good to start