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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Game 145: Manuel gives Marlins batting practice for 1+ innings (79-66)

Apparently, Manuel hadn't seen enough to be utterly disgusted with Kendrick through the first inning, so he allowed KK to come out for some more. Somehow, I knew it would be a disaster before the inning began, but this must have been somewhat esoteric because Charlie didn't know. Or maybe he just didn't care. Who knows? Even if the whole first inning wasn't enough evidence to pull Kendrick, how about after the pitcher doubled? Or after Ramirez's double? Or before the lefty's (Baker) AB? That probably should have been the bullpen's first batter, if not sooner. I mean Kendrick is awful against lefties. Oh well, they pulled him after Cantu's homer. The score was 7-1. I'm surprised most of the starter's were even left in the lineup to try to come back (reminiscent of earlier this year when Manuel pulled Utley and possibly others and the later comeback fell a bit short).

Note: Always One Batter Too Late™ strikes again

This game could very well have been different had Manuel pulled Kendrick after the first. I mean not just anyone can give up 4 runs in an inning. It's usually pretty tough, and Happ/Eaton/Condrey/Durbin (all somewhat long relievers) probably wouldn't have the ability to give up 4 runs. Who the hell cares anyway though, right?

Another thing that could have possibly helped the team out last night was having the LRL with Utley Werth Howard like the Phillies had been doing. I mean it kept teams from being able to pitch how they would like in the past, and kind of hurt the Phils a bit last night. It really is kind of a big deal. Utley and Howard would do better against righties, and Werth, well we know what he does vs. lefties.

Call of the night: Mr. Musser pointed this out to me. I somehow didn't hear it. Bottom 6th score 10-4. Phillies score 1 run on the Victorino? Victory-yes! single that scored Howard (making the score 10-5). T-Mac chimes in, "and the Phillies have now cut the lead in half." You see, usually when a team cuts the lead in half, they actually, cut the lead in half. Going from a deficit of 6 to a deficit of 5 isn't cutting anything in half. Cutting the lead in half would have occured had Victory-yes! hit a homer, which would have made the score 10-7. Good eye, Andy.

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