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Monday, September 8, 2008

Game 144: Manuel lets Romero face three righties; only two score (79-65)

Charlie Manuel called on lefty J.C. Romero to start the 8th inning with the Phils holding an 8-4 lead. The Marlins had the Jeremy Hermida, Jorge Cantu, and Mike Jacobs due up. Hermida and Jacobs are left-handed while Cantu is right-handed. I agree with Manuel's decision to allow Romero to start the inning - the Phils had a four run lead, and if Romero can retire the first batter, it isn't a big deal to allow him to pitch to a righty with another lefty on deck at this point in the game. Fredi Gonzalez, the Marlins' manager, completely outsmarted Manuel in this inning. Firstly, he called on Wes Helms to pinch-hit for Hermida. Romero retired Helms, then allowed a walk to Cantu. Then, Gonzalez had Cody Ross pinch-hit for Jacobs. This is where Manuel screwed up.

Ryan Madson was warmed and ready to go. Once Ross was announced as the pinch-hitter, there were 3 consecutive righties in the Marlins lineup: Ross, Dan Uggla, and Josh Willingham. Given Romero's terrible numbers against righties compared to Madson's, why would you wait to bring in Madson? With Romero on the mound, it is almost a coin-flip whether any right-handed batter will reach base. Ross ended up homering off Romero to make the score 8-6. What did Manuel do after that? I guess he saw 2 righties were due up and decided Madson was a good choice.

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