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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Game 142: Dobbs continues to barely hit balls over the fence (78-64)

Charlie Manuel did okay today. I liked starting Greg Dobbs at third base today even though a ground ball pitcher in Jamie Moyer was on the mound. Dobbs' offensive potential certainly outweighs the chance he boots a ball at third. Pedro Feliz will obviously start against the lefty in the night-cap.

However, I don't like seeing Scott Eyre pitch against so many righties in the 8th inning, which led to 2 runs. Why not use Adam Eaton to start the 8th against the righties, and bring in Eyre for the lefty? Eaton is essentially useless on the roster - put him to work in a 6-0 game. Eyre is so bad against righties, it really doesn't matter that Eaton blows.

As for J.C. Romero coming into a 6-2 game with 1 out in the ninth, it isn't a problem since he only pitched to one batter. However, something tells me Manuel would have left Romero in for a couple righties had he not induced a game-ending DP off his only batter.

Overall, not a bad day by Manuel. Look for him to make up for it tonight though.

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