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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Game 141: Phils win despite Emmel's, Wheeler's terribleness (77-64)

1 down. 2 to go. Brett Myers was pretty much "Safeco Field" last night. Awesome job to completely shut down the Mets. Do they seriously save these "dog nights" for when the Phillies come up there? It is a complete joke. Anyway.

Is it just me, or should someone, preferably the manager, tell Jimmy Rollins to not swing at a pitch in his first at-bat until a strike is thrown by him. He was 2-0 to start the game last night, then swung at a high pitch and got himself out. What is wrong with a walk Jimmy? It was the first inning, no need to be a hero yet. Not much else really until the 8th inning, when Manuel thought it was smart to remove Burrell from the game for a defensive replacement with his spot in the lineup due up in the top of the 9th. Yes, he has been struggling, but he still has one of the best plate disciplines on the team. Manuel could still have inserted Bruntlett for him in the 9th.

Lidge got the job done in the 9th, shakily though. Game over, put this one in the win column for the Phightin' Phils .

Odds overcome in this game?

1. The Phillies were outhit.
2. The Emmel effect was in all its glory (actually helping Myers get ridiculous strike 3 calls at different times. Also, causing Rich Dubee to be thrown out of the game.)
3. Chris Wheeler had everything going last night. He had his full onslaught of cliches, and even a few just downright lies. A) Early on in the game he was discussing playing late in the season, "The harder the game, the more difficult it gets." Thanks Chris. B) Scheider kills the Phillies (Scheider has 6 HRs in 365 PAs vs the Phillies to go along with a sub .800 OPS, not exactly life threatening). C) This was definitely the worst part of the night, bottom 9 0-1 pitch to Ryan Church was high and inside (definitely not a called strike) and Wheeler goes, "Ohhhhhh, boy did he have a pitch to hit right there. Right down the middle." He repeated this as he watch the replay. It was seriously either Harry Kalas talking in Wheelers voice (unlikely) or simply Wheeler's stubborn nature wouldn't let him correct himself.

Today's game is postponed. Let's go Phils and Phils and Eagles.

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